Wednesday, 9 December 2015

'Garden of Morr' Terrain Project

This is my completed Games Workshop 'Garden of Morr'. It's a lovely kit with lots of fascinating detail that allows your imagination to run wild regarding colour schemes.

I've done all the stone walls in shades of green to give it an otherworldly glow!

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

28mm Frostgrave Soldiers

The first of twenty Frostgrave Soldiers from Osprey/North Star Figures. Multi part plastics. These were great to paint. Lots of character and and the option of many varied poses. I love the 'loot bags' and other extras (especially the guy holding the lantern in the same box, plus a variation of the same holding a flaming torch). I noticed a player at the recent Lion Rampant Day at Wargames Illustrated HQ a few weeks back using these as part of his medieval retinue. A superb idea I think, and if you discard some of the larger fantasy swords etc and replace them with spears they'll fit right into any mid period medieval game.

Saturday, 31 October 2015

28mm Empress Miniatures US Navy SEAL Team

These were completed last week. The camo pattern was done using a Vallejo Khaki base, then highlighting with a mix of 50/50 Khaki and White. The pattern was then applied using Vallejo Flat Brown, US Olive Green and then a Stone Grey. I finally added a GW Agrax Earthshade Wash to help mute everything down into an appropriate worn uniform look.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Launch Time!

Simon De Montfort Mounted Retinue
28mm Crusader Miniatures
Painted by BFD

My inspiration for starting a painting service has to go to Wayne from Wargames Illustrated. Sometime last year he came along to our local Club ( with Editor Dan to play a 28mm Wars of the Roses game. Part way through he paused to hold aloft my Perry Miniatures Richard III model and exclaim "why on earth aren't you charging people to paint?".

After a few weeks of considering this I began my research into setting up a small side business, and questioning other established owners in the same sphere as to what the advantages and pitfalls are. I'd ran my own screen printing business for three years after I finished university, so I was aware of what mistakes to avoid in general terms.

Nevertheless other people have been really helpful, and one thing I've found is that once you announce you'll be offering a painting service all your Wargaming friends start digging out their mountains of unpainted lead and sending them your way - usually preceded by statements such as "I've got this unfinished 15mm Sudanese Ansar Army that's been sitting in my loft for twenty years....."

Anyway, I hope people continue to appreciate my work and I can provide all my future customers with some lovely painted miniatures which they'll enjoy for years to come.