Ordering (with Terms and Conditions)

  • I accept Paypal, personal cheques or Bank Transfer.
  • I have a basic price for each scale, and what you get for this is a base colour with one or two highlights. This is what I consider a very good Wargaming standard. If you'd like a showcase standard then I'm happy to negotiate a reasonable price on this too.
  • I don't use Army Painter Dips, on occasion I may use an ink wash to bring out detail but that is all.
  • Please give me as much detail as possible (photographs or for instance Osprey colour plates are ideal).
  • I'm happy to construct the miniatures (including plastics) or remove flash when necessary. There is no extra charge for this.
  • You can mail me the figures direct (make sure they're securely packaged) or you can send them directly from the stockist. Alternatively I can purchase them for you after payment has been received.
  • I don't charge for basing figures. All I ask is that you include the bases with the figures that you send to me, along with a detailed description of how many figures you want per base. Also a description of what kind of flock, rocks, tufts etc that you'd like. If not I'll provide whatever seems appropriate.
  • Throughout the painting process I will email you regular updates with photographs. If there are any changes or tweaks you'd like during this time then I'll always be open to suggestion.

  • Although this has not happened so far, if you are dissatisfied with the final product I will give every opportunity to correct any problems or mistakes and reach an amicable arrangement.

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